Roofing Contractor Services

Whether you need commercial or residential roofing with flat roofs, pitched roofs or repairs & maintenance in the Salt Lake and surrounding areas, you can count on Horizons Roofing to get the job done right! From routine maintenance and gutter cleaning to complicated roof leak repairs, we really do it all.

Finding the right person for the job can end here. With high integrity and honesty, you won't find a company that compares to Horizons Roofing.
Give our team a call at (801) 244-7921 to request your free estimate for roofing in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo or elsewhere in the greater SLC area.


Commercial Roofing

Over 30 years experience serving Utah

We do all forms of commercial roofing including flat epdm, TPO, PVC and IB roofing systems as well as 50 year pitched roof shingle systems.  All work done to code so that both city and warranty on shingles are honored.

Why choose Horizons Roofing
  • Use of quality flat roof materials including TPO, PVC, IB and EPDM
  • High warranty value with materials and labor
  • Quality service above and beyond city code requirements
  • Respectful of commercial environment taking into account keeping things safe, clean and neat

Flat Roof Specialists

Professional grade work means no worries

Includes TPO, PVC, IB and epdm roofing systems on both residential and commercial buildings.  We use only the highest technology machines that use computers to determine the best sealing heat levels so that welds on all seems are strong for years to come.  Use of propre underlayment and proper spacing of screw plates will ensure the material will be there for many years.


Residential Roofing

Experience the difference a professional can make

We specialize in architectural grade shingles put on residential pitched roof homes to code.  Using industrial grade underlayment followed by a 30, 40 or 50 year shingle along with ridge vents for proper attic ventilation provides the best roofing system for these type of homes.  Using proper flashings and drip metal on all eaves will give roof a long life without issues for decades to come.  We also do roof recovers if there is only one existing layer on roof which saves on cost and material.  

Why choose Horizons Roofing
  • Quality shingles ranging from 30 to 50 year warranties
  • Sensitive to environment around house with tear-offs to ensure areas are tarp covered and property items protected
  • Additional skills with eave & fascia repairs or any other item that deals with the integrity of the home
  • Emphasis on flashings, heat tape for winter conditions, chimney maintenance and overall roof system functionality

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Fast response time and efficient service

We specialize in repairing leaks and do full roof maintenance to get additional years out of what appears to be an expired roof.  Track record with getting leaks first time is very high.  We also deal with ice damns which is when water collects at eaves and freezes over and over again creating a heavy load of ice and snow on edges of roof.  This 'damn' prevents water melt from going over roof and can pool, causing leaks from small ponds of water being created on an area not made for standing water.  Other home repairs with siding, concrete and decks are items we are skilled at doing.

Why choose Horizons Roofing
  • Extending life of roofs with basic roof maintenance of sealing protrusions, replacing missing shingles and other preventive measures to allow several years added on that roof.
  • Expert at fixing leaks with warranty on those leak repairs
  • Free gutter cleaning service
  • Deduction of any maintenance or leak repairs from new roof down the road so not out of pocket on any repairs

General Contractor Services

From Remodels to Repairs, we can handle it

We also are licensed and capable of doing Home repair, both inside and out,  kitchen and bath remodeling along with various other items that home owners sometimes are confronted with.  As a General Contractor, we also deal with concrete and other home issues.

Why choose Horizons Roofing
  • Skills in home remodels including kitchen, baths and additions
  • Expert in deck construction
  • Expert in repairs of any kind dealing with carpentry items
  • Construction of Tiny Homes