Partial Portfolio of Design Examples

A sampling of different websites to provide an idea of the possibilities.
This client has a highly respected reputation but had a decade old kit site when he approached us. His efforts at ranking in his market were failing and the writing was on the wall. We discussed strategy, had one of our writers create a lot of targeted and useful content and then created a new website to bring it all together. The site reflects his professionalism, is ranking higher and higher and as a result he contracted for another website for an additional office.
Mountain West Helicopters is a well established business with an excellent reputation...if only their website had a similar quality. It was an old, poorly designed website, one put together with little thought or skill.

We guided the owner through a new design, the gathering of content, the launch, and now MWHeli is a website worthy of representing this outstanding company.
Lu Ann is a talented musician who really needed to showcase her work in a way which got her noticed. Unfortunately, while she liked the overall look, her previous website was not to par. We recreated her original look and feel on a brand new platform and got her looking like the million dollar artist she is.
This fellow's business was suffering due to a super poor website. The website was so bad that Google suspended his GMB listing! Well, we salvaged what we could of the content, gave it all an update, and redesigned him to look like the professional company he is. Nice!
This attorney came to us looking for an attractive and professional website for her new practice. We worked through some designs and finally settled on a clean, crisp style which reflects her focus on small communities, her love of the area, and her dedication to professional service.
This business owner knew he needed a new site. His old one was built by a friend, who was no longer answering the phone... Clean, simple, showcasing his work in a fun yet classy way, his new site came together beautifully.
- Mission Accomplished -
Make a subtle statement...keep it crisp...nothing fancy. This yoga teacher came with some intriguing photography so we built a clean and classy site focusing on the photography. Business is doing well!

Occassionally we get the opportunity to work on a really quality cause. This NP had grown large enough that they needed their own site, and it needed to be a good one. We worked with them over 6 months and numerous iterations until we got everything just right.

This client had never had a website before but had just bought some advertising and needed one ASAP. He didn't want a high cost site, just one which was low cost while showcasing his professionalism. Did we mention he needed it fast? We created it, from copywriting through images, in two weeks. And, he loved it....

A new spiritual retreat was in need of a classy site to help them get launched. They had a core bit of content but knew the content and the site would grow as time went on. We deliverd the site on time and they were able to begin using it immediately to promote their project and services.
The phone rang one day and on the other end was a really nice guy with a really great product he had developed. To go with his product he needed a great website, on a budget. We delivered in record time and he had his first sale on the new site the same day we launched it.
This commercial roofing company had a very mediocre website when they contacted ProClass. The owner also had a lot of questions about things he had heard from other website developers and "SEO Pro's"... all of which we provided him with straight answers for. He took a chance with us and then three years later allowed us to perform a moderate rebuild in order to help keep him current in the market. Business is good.

This is the sister site to Palmistry.World below. Both businesses are operated by the same person and work in tandem with each other. Therefore, we created a single design format which could be used for both and "skinned" them to have an individual look while making it comfortable for visitors to one to transfer seamlessly to the other.

This neighborhood needed an attractive website, with neighborhood news and an event calendar. Done. They also needed a newsletter, something which the HOAs hadn't bothered to do. Again, we delivered a matching newsletter and manage both website and newsletter for them.


A world renowned author, teacher, and palmistry expert, this client came to us in need of a totally new website, one which would showcase her services and be fully expandable as her galleries of articles and videos grew. She has since ordered two more websites.
SmartSun was a brand new business, just about to launch, when the owner came to us for a website. She was super proactive with the design, knew just what she wanted, and produced content as fast as we built the site. Start to launch was just three weeks. We are also consulting on marketing, customer retention, list building and more.
The owners of this "Classic Roadside Lodging" outside of Cortez, CO had an old and very unprofessional website which was costing them a monthly fee every month, in addition to lost business. We consulted with them on content and strategies needed to improve ranking and bookings and delivered it all in a beautiful new website which showcases their property.
Niederhauser & Davis, LLC is one of the oldest and most respected CPA firms in the region and keeping their website current and professional over the years has been a pleasure.
Totally devoid of tech know-how, as many clients are, the owner of this business really needed someone to help pull it all together. We kept things simple and clean, much like her business, and incorporated the Ecwid shopping platform which allowed her to manage and sell a variety of products online.

The owner of this beautiful sailing vessel was putting her up for "adoption". We felt the message was very much a visual one combined with details of condition. This meant a mix of photography and somewhat dry specs documentation. We were lucky in that the owner was able to contribute personal content as well as all the photos used on the website.
Danelle Umstead is a Paralympic Gold Medalist. When she came to us, however, her old website was anything but gold. She needed a new look, a professional online presence and one which would not only attract sponsors but make them proud to be featured on it.
This website is designed to be user-friendly for visually-impaired visitors. Note the use of contrast and a thicker font, for example.
This client needed a facelift for their old website as well as a means of securing their search positioning against more and more competition. We expanded the content and number of pages, gave them a fully responsive design and integrated with their original software. They liked it so much we did their other storage facility too,

In Development.....
A well established and highly respected business... with a website that was in total breakdown mode when we got there. It literally had days left before the search engines would de-list it. We worked with them to get a beautiful but simple site launched quickly, one which would reflect their historical base as well as convey the professionalism they are known for.
Mountain Mediation needed a website for their organization. The decision was to make it both professional and still reflect the mountain-town feel of Park City, Utah. The group worked together very well with us on photography selection and copy writing allowing us to complete the site in record time of less than two weeks.
With a professional reputation to maintain the owner came to us with a website that was among the worst we had seen. With 1000’s of spam links, duplicate content galore and navigation which was non-existent the site was a throw away. We worked together to plan and develop a beautiful new website which provides an exceptional amount of expert information, showcases her work beautifully and reflects the professional she is.

A large private resort with thousands of members, Silver Saddle Ranch has been a client of ProClass for many years. We have created a network of websites for them, handle all their online presence including reputation management, newsletters, surveys, contests, and more, in addition to the approximately ten websites we operate on their behalf.
Note: We also created special Chinese language versions of several of their websites for them.
Starting with only her great reputation we worked with this client to establish her target client profile and then designed a website to appeal to exactly that. Crisp, clean, modern and stylish, the site began claiming top rankings shortly after launch.
In Development.....
Sometimes a website does better when you let a professional create it and let the owner tend to the business of running their business. One of our very first mobile responsive websites (due for an upgrade, Jeff!), this took a weight off the owner's shoulders and allowed him to create a successful business. ...Jeff, it is time to update! ...Jeff?
An internationally acclaimed holistic healer and counselor, this client needed a site which was soft and welcoming yet professional, and which would be able to be found worldwide. She now enjoys a full schedule of appointments with clients as far away as Pakistan, Qatar, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.
Note: This site makes use of a separate sub-site for Google approved mobile-friendly viewing.
Simply a great example of an artist's website featuring multiple galleries and slideshows.
The owner of this company wanted a website that would establish them as the leader in the area. From virtually no online presence to a fully professional site, now ranks at the top of the engines for targeted keywords. This site was a "from scratch" site with all aspects handled by our team including design, imagery, copy writing, seo, etc.
Note: The client was so pleased that he had us create a sister site for his other company, StrandHVAC.
This tour operator needed a site which really helped to "showcase" the product so we went with a large imagery theme which allowed us to really put the visitor into the Bali experience. The site is easily scaled to add new tour components and utilizes a separate mobile version for Google approved mobile freindly viewing. Using a separate mobile sub-site allowed us to maximize the impact of the large imagery for the main site.
A cutting edge look and feel was the goal for this site and black pulled it off. Note: Site is several years old and was not built as a mobile responsive site at that time.
This international project management firm needed a site which conveyed professionalism and showcased their experience....and they needed it fast. We worked closely with the client and were able to launch their new site within 3 weeks of undertaking the project.
The large imagery used on this site conveys a feeling of natural goodness which reflects the practitioner's business. This is also a site which uses a separate sub-site for mobile responsive viewing. This sub-site meets all Google mobile friendly standards and allowed us to create an optimal viewing experience for any device.
This professional wanted a site which was clean and simple yet conveyed a feeling of who she is, which was accomplished with autumn colors. We also included an article directory for her writings, which are featured here (adding SEO value) as well as on her newsletter, which we manage for her.
An example of a business with no website at all who now has a great online presence and is enjoying increased business as a result.
Note: This business also made use of one of the now available custom extensions, .cleaning, which not only fit their name beautifully but added search engine value as well.
One of our earliest clients who's site has now been through a few iterations. He does beautiful work with tile and granite and we needed to showcase that work along with the high end quality he delivers. A black site makes the images pop and conveys the professionalism he brings to each job. This site also makes use of a mobile friendly sub-site rather than a responsive design.
What the owners of this startup need was a low cost site which would get the job of describing their product and selling it online done, without breaking the small startup budget they had to work with. Mission accomplished.
Olympian Nikki Stone came to us with a request for a website to help her promote her speaking engagements. With a wealth of material such as videos and images we had a lot of fun crafting a site which reflected Olympic pride and Nikki’s unique and valuable message while being highly optimized for search engines.
A special project deserves a special website. This one helps explain the concept and details of a lucrative project involving real estate investment.

This client has a highly respected reputation but had a decade old kit site when he approached us. His efforts at ranking in his market were failing and the writing was on the wall. We discussed strategy, had one of our writers create a lot of targeted and useful content and then created a new website to bring it all together. The site reflects his professionalism, is ranking higher and higher and as a result he contracted for another website for an additional office.
This project was extensive and encompassed building two websites, one for summer and one for winter, which could be swapped out on a seasonal basis. With lots of stunning photography, numerous activities, shopping carts and more this site was beautiful. The business was later sold and the new owners built another site. If you would like to see this one let us know.
This client needed a real estate website to help introduce potential clients to the opportunities available with their project. Clean, to the point, it has been serving them well for many years.