About Crystal Tonics

Energy Infused Products for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Carina & Jen Who We Are

Crystal Tonics products are all lovingly handmade by us, Carina Bachman and Jennifer Rugg, a mother-daughter team of Reiki Masters in Park City, Utah. The idea for Crystal Tonics was born from a desire to accentuate a house clearing with a spray designed to bring in more love, abundance, and peace to the space after clearing old energies with white sage. We had so much fun creating the spray (and even more fun using it) that we had a deep desire to make more and pass it along to others. And, due to popular demand, we have recently added a line of roller bottles containing the same original blends.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a high-quality, Reiki energy-infused product that will serve as a catalyst for others to find what is deep within themselves. Before embarking on this endeavor, we made a promise to ourselves, and to each other, to always keep our products authentic and as caringly made as our very first batch, and to forgo allowing the business to overgrow in lieu of keeping true to our original mission.

Our Process

A lot of love and energy goes into each bottle of Crystal Tonics! We begin by clearing and cleansing the crystals, even breaking up certain large, raw crystals by hand and tumbling them for two days. We then carefully measure each drop of essential oil to create the individual blends and combine the oils and crystals with mineral water for the sprays and fractionated coconut oil for the rollers, after which we let the blends rest for 24 hours to allow the oils, crystals and carrier to absorb each other’s energy. At this point we infuse each blend individually with Reiki energy. Only then do we bottle them, all the while keeping the Reiki flowing and the positive energy abounding.

About Us

Carina Bachman is an intuitive holistic counselor, healer, and spiritual life guide. The owner of Crystal Springs Healing, she is dedicated to helping her clients heal on all levels: mind, body and soul. Working worldwide, Carina employs an extensive range of spiritual and energy healing methods. Utilizing her abilities as a Reiki Master/Teacher, empathic healer, ThetaHealer, spiritual and medical intuitive and ordained minister, Carina helps facilitate profound, deep healing of issues related to physical, mental, and emotional pain, all the while focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve healing, joy, peace and well-being.

Jennifer Rugg has had a long love affair with the healing arts. She is a natural intuitive, Reiki Master and a licensed massage therapist. Jennifer has always been happy to lovingly listen to, counsel and hold space for anyone in distress, which spurred her desire to obtain a degree in Psychology. With years of experience working with healing energy, meditation, aromatherapy and the power of crystals, Jennifer is excited to be able to share her passion for these with others.