Energy Infused Products for Mind, Body, and Spirit

essential oils

Essential oils, and aromatherapy in general, have long been known to have therapeutic properties ranging from physiological and emotional healing to relaxation to increasing energy. Following are the essential oils you will find in Crystal Tonics products.


Cedarwood is a deeply aromatic essential oil used for grounding and balancing energy as well as helping to strengthen emotions. Along with helping to shift negative thoughts and energies to the positive, Cedarwood also:
  • Cleanses
  • Calms, de-stresses, and relieves nervous tension and anxiety
  • Promotes confidence, courage and strength
  • Allows you to focus and concentrate
  • Protects and minimizes fears
  • Encourages emotional opening
  • Refreshes and restores
  • Enhances the mood
  • Nurtures and feeds the soul

*Cedarwood essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ROOTED, PURIFY and EMPOWER ME


Clary Sage is such an intensely uplifting oil that it is known as the most euphoria-inducing of all the essential oils, and can in fact bring about an intoxicating and almost narcotic-like high. It is revitalizing yet deeply relaxing, and acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing sensuality and also by reducing sexuality-inhibiting stress. In addition, Clary Sage oil:
  • Relieves depression, tension, anxiety, and feelings of melancholia and dissatisfaction with life
  • Works as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, and astringent
  • Relieves tension
  • Relieves cramps and other menstrual symptoms
  • Aids in childbirth
  • Increases depth of meditation and dreamwork
  • Brings strong and clear dreams
  • When applied to the chest and back, works to alleviate asthma
  • Is an energy-flow strengthener and encourages divine inspiration

*Clary Sage essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics INSPIRE and MOM-EASE


Since ancient times, Frankincense essential oil has been one of the most commonly used scents in spiritual practice. It is ideal for use in meditation as it calms the mind and the breath and facilitates visualization, while allowing one to come to terms with the past and allow it to be just that – in the past. 

Traditionally, Frankincense was used as a way to interact with the gods, either as an offering, with prayer, or a way to receive ethereal messages. Frankincense has many healing and empowering properties, including the ability to:

  • Cleanse and heal
  • Calm, comfort, relax and revitalize
  • Relieve anxiety, stress, despair and nervous tension
  • Enhance the mood and elevate mental states
  • Stimulate
  • Release fear
  • Center and ground

*Frankincense essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics HEART, EMPOWER ME, ABUNDANCE and SIXTH SENSE


Geranium oil works as an excellent balancer of just about everything, from moods to hormones to the flow of subtle energies. It will keep excessive mood swings at bay while instilling feelings of calmness and comfort. Geranium oil also:
  • Acts as an antidepressant
  • Cleanses, works as an antiseptic, astringent, and deodorant
  • Detoxifies the lymph
  • Gives you a feeling of being safe and secure
  • Refreshes and uplifts
  • Balances the hormonal system
  • Eases discomforts associated with menstruation and menopause
  • Increases fertility
  • Imparts feelings of harmony while dispelling anxiety

*Geranium essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics PREGNANCE-EASE and MOM-EASE


Grapefruit oil is an excellent emotional balancer and combats depression, seasonal moods, tension, and distress. It works to revitalize you psychologically and to reduce emotional and physical exhaustion. Grapefruit oil also:
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Instills optimistic and positive thoughts
  • Dispels feelings of lethargy
  • Increases overall energy levels while uplifting and stimulating moods
  • Is very cleansing and works as an antiseptic, astringent, and anti-spasmodic

*Grapefruit essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics INSPIRE and PREGNANCE-EASE


Lavender is one of the most calming and relaxing essential oils, and among the most popular due to the vast amount of effects brought on by this aromatic flower. A wonderful scent to use with meditation and in energy work, Lavender harmonizes and balances the chakras and aura while relaxing.

Lavender can help with insomnia when used before bedtime, and is one of the most allover healing oils in aromatherapy and topical application. Lavender will also help to:

  • Create emotional balance
  • Soothe nerves
  • Alleviate depression
  • Act as a barrier against germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Calm, relax and heal the mind and body
  • Balance bodily functions
  • Eliminate headaches
  • Repel insects
  • Balance mood swings
  • Relieve symptoms of PMS

*Lavender essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ZEN BLISS, PURIFY, HEART, BE WELL, ABUNDANCE and SIXTH SENSE


Along with its wonderful scent, Lemon is a generally healing essential oil and has a variety of emotional and physical healing properties, along with being a great odor neutralizer. Lemon can help to:
  • Cleanse and protect against germs, bacteria, infections and viruses
  • Purify and detoxify
  • Stimulate and refresh
  • Promote emotional balance and mental clarity
  • Assist in making decisions
  • Open up the heart
  • Lift the mood

*Lemon essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ZING, UPLIFT, EMPOWER ME and ABUNDANCE


Lemongrass essential oil has a wonderfully cool, clean, earthy scent with a variety of healing properties. Along with making an excellent air freshener, Lemongrass also:
  • Relieves pain, especially headaches
  • Eases depression and nerves
  • Cleanses and protects against germs and bacteria
  • Calms the nerves
  • Refreshes, revitalizes, and stimulates
  • Lifts the mood
  • Energizes and allows for focus and clarity

*Lemongrass essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics BE WELL and SIXTH SENSE


Peppermint is a great essential oil for working with insecurity and inferiority, allowing the user to experience a healthier sense of self. It is a wonderfully fresh-smelling herb with a variety of healing properties. Peppermint:
  • Stimulates, revitalizes, and refreshes
  • Restores energy and balance
  • Increases alertness and mental clarity
  • Opens up the sinuses
  • Relieves pain
  • Cleanses
  • Relaxes nerves
  • Increases intuition

*Peppermint essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ZING, EMPOWER ME and BE WELL


Sage essential oil has an uplifting scent that increases mental alertness and stability while calming the nerves and allowing for greater sensual awareness. It encourages neurotransmitters to work as they should, leading to better brain performance. Sage is also known for balancing the chakras and aiding in dreamwork and meditation.

Well known for its energetically cleansing properties, Sage has many other healing aspects as well, which include:

  • Aids as an antioxidant and a cleanser
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Purifies
  • Revitalizes
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Eases PMS and menstrual problems
  • Regulates hormones and metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Acts as a barrier against germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Relieves depression, anxiety, despair, and stress

*Sage essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ZEN BLISS, PURIFY and SIXTH SENSE


Wild orange oil is known for its mood-elevating and purely joyous properties. It carries a warm and familiar feeling and acts as a tonic against depression, anxiety, and stress. Using this oil will bring cheerfulness and laughter into your life while allowing you to find your own inner happiness. Wild orange oil can also:
  • Promote optimism
  • Decrease feelings of self-doubt
  • Act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic
  • Be soothing, sedating, and refreshing
  • Help with insomnia
  • Dispel irrational fears of what is unknown
  • Work as an energetic stimulant and refresher

*Wild Orange essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics INSPIRE, PREGNANCE-EASE, and MOM-EASE


Ylang Ylang is a sensual essential oil that has been used since ancient times for a variety of purposes. Especially effective for women, Ylang Ylang helps reveal the confidence and sensuality that is deep within while releasing inhibitions and allowing repressed feelings to surface. Ylang Ylang has a relaxing nature also makes it useful in meditation and at bedtime, and also:
  • Relieves anxiety, depression, fear and anger
  • Lowers blood pressure and effects of shock
  • Calms, soothes, and relaxes
  • Gives a peaceful feeling
  • Increases sexual desire and passion
  • Cleanses energy
  • Balances the autonomic nervous system
  • Enhances the mood and senses

*Ylang Ylang essential oil is found in Crystal Tonics ROOTED, UPLIFT, ABUNDANCE and SIXTH SENSE