Energy Infused Products for Mind, Body, and Spirit

crystal healing

Crystals and Gemstones are beautiful, exceptional energy medicine tools for healing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and have been used for centuries throughout the world to cleanse and transform negative energies. Some crystals and gemstones are considered to be helpful in particular situations, but none have only one purpose as many healing properties are contained within each stone.    

Crystals are one of the most effective and profound instruments used in energy healing. Extremely efficient energy conductors, crystals and gemstones attract and absorb as well as transmit energy. Overall, crystals and gemstones bring amazing benefits to the healing arena. Following are the crystals you will find in Crystal Tonics products.


Agate is an extraordinary crystal with the power to ground, heal, stabilize, and strengthen in times of stress or even just to wind down before meditation or sleep. Agate balances yin and yang, bringing universal harmony to emotional, physical, and intellectual energies. When you use Agate, you will enjoy the self-confidence and endurance to tackle any project as well as the inspiration and creativity vital for artists and writers.

Agate works wonders for healing heart trauma. This beautiful crystal will allow you to find your own truth and overcome anger, bitterness, and anger within your heart, allowing you to open to love and find the strength and desire to begin anew. With Agate’s warm and protective energy, you will have a comforting sense of security, safety, and acceptance of your true self, giving you the confidence to speak what is in your heart. 
Septarian also:

  • Aids in pregnancy and postpartum issues, including lactation
  • Promotes maturity, inner composure, and acceptance of reality
  • Invokes feelings of security and satisfaction for one’s life
  • Enhances concentration, memory, pragmatism, and analytical thinking
  • Cleanses and transforms negative energies in the aura, mind, and body
  • Clears inner tension to calm and soothe for harmony and peace
  • Aids in self-awareness and self-analysis, and brings information hidden to the surface
  • Promotes inner awareness and contemplation necessary for personal growth
  • Calming and relaxing, great for meditation
  • Encourages action and helps in decision making

*Agate crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZEN BLISS


Amethyst is an exceptionally powerful healing crystal that is extremely useful in both calming your mind and inspiring new thoughts and ideas. Carrying a high spiritual vibration, Amethyst facilitates a higher state of consciousness and enhances higher communication. It is an excellent crystal for supporting meditation.

As Amethyst clears and cleanses your energy fields, its strong healing and purifying powers helps your body absorb oxygen and remove waste and toxins. It is lovingly helpful for people about to make the transition through death and assists those who are sad and grieving, helping deal with sorrow and loss.
Amethyst also:

  • Protects against geopathic stress
  • Relieves pain, anger, anxiety and tension
  • Simultaneously stimulates and quiets your mind
  • Helps center you emotionally
  • Improves memory and increases drive and enthusiasm
  • Helps balance your mind so you can concentrate, feel more focused and less distracted and scattered
  • Helps with insomnia, bringing restful sleep
  • Protects against nightmares
  • Facilitates vivid, intuitive dreams and helps you recall and understand your dreams
  • Strengthens intuition and visualization
  • Supports you during times of sorrow and grief

*Amethyst crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZEN BLISS, HEART, BE WELL and SIXTH SENSE


Black Tourmaline is an extremely effective crystal for cleansing and converting heavy, dark energy into a higher, lighter frequency. A grounding and purifying stone, it aids in lifting feelings of a “dark cloud” over you as it removes blockages and increases your energy.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent healing stone, promoting a positive, relaxed attitude as it clears negative thoughts and feelings. Black Tourmaline is a magnet for prosperity, and also:

  • Helps with removing toxins and waste from your body
  • Protects against all types of negative energies, including electromagnetic energy from computers and cell phones
  • Provides pain relief
  • Builds immune system
  • Balances energy in your body
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Boosts physical, emotional and mental strength
  • Bolsters self-confidence
  • Increases compassion and acceptance
  • Encourages clear, rational thinking
  • Supports creativity and objectivity
  • Helps with improving loss of libido and sexual energies

*Black Tourmaline crystals are found in Crystal Tonics UPLIFT and ABUNDANCE


Chalcedony is a luminous and nurturing stone that allows a sense of peace, generosity, compassion, and general kindness to flow through the wearer. It imparts a sense of community and stability within groups while removing feelings of hostility, absorbing negative emotions and thoughts and turning them instead into feelings of joy. In addition, Chalcedony:
  • Creates harmony between the body, mind, spirit, and emotions
  • Relieves feelings of self-doubt
  • Enables one to look deep inside themselves
  • Increases the absorption of minerals while allowing existing mineral buildup to shed from veins
  • Alleviates nightmares
  • Cleanses the body and mind
  • Boosts physical energy and enthusiasm
  • Decreases the effects that come from senility and dementia
  • Increases telepathy
  • Is very healing for the eyes, bones, and circulatory system as well as spleen and gall bladder
  • Facilitates the maternal instinct
  • Aids in milk production and breastfeeding

*Chalcedony crystals are found in Crystal Tonics INSPIRE, PREGNANCE-EASE, and MOM-EASE


Chrysocolla is an excellent crystal for creating a peaceful and tranquil environment. Removing all types of negative energy, it calms and soothes relationships as well as the energy within your home. Chrysocolla helps tone down stress and tension from that “little voice in your head” that plagues you. Excellent for giving you the strength to accept uncomfortable and unstable circumstances, Chrysocolla supports honest communication and detachment from reactive situations. Chrysocolla also:
  • Cleans, clears, calms and reactivates chakras
  • Removes guilt and changes damaging emotional conditioning
  • Eases sorrow and sadness
  • Strengthens the ability to love yourself and others
  • Helps you know when to speak and when to remain silent
  • Increases intuitiveness
  • Supports self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Encourages creativity
  • Boosts motivation
  • Inspires feelings of joy, peace and happiness

*Chrysocolla crystals are found in Crystal Tonics PURIFY, HEART and EMPOWER ME


Citrine is a powerful stone of abundance. This extraordinary crystal acts as a magnet, bringing wealth, prosperity and richness to your life in all positive ways. A warming, purifying stone, Citrine absorbs, cleans and clears negative energy, re-energizing every part of your life. 

Citrine cleanses and balances all of the chakras, and is particularly effective for stimulating the crown chakra and solar plexus. One of the few crystals that never needs cleansing, Citrine raises your energetic vibration overall, inspiring creativity and activating higher thoughts and actions. Citrine also:

  • Is an excellent stone for revitalizing your mind
  • Raises your intuitive abilities
  • Assists with concentration and focus
  • Helps alleviate depression and fear
  • Promotes higher self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Fosters a positive, optimistic attitude
  • Encourages you to step into the flow of life and look forward to new adventures and experiences
  • Assists you in looking at every possibility before making decisions
  • Imparts a sense of joy and peace along with protecting your aura
  • Inspires you to give to others while helping keep your life’s riches
  • Helps create a shield to criticism and lessens anger
  • Balances hormones and overcomes fatigue
  • Energizes your physical body and increases motivation and inspiration

*Citrine crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZING, ROOTED, PURIFY, EMPOWER ME, BE WELL and ABUNDANCE


Clear Quartz is a master healer; it is the most intense and effective healing crystal to be found. Working powerfully to clean, clear, open and harmonize all of the chakras and energetic pathways, Clear Quartz attunes to your unique vibration to heal and raise your spiritual energy to the highest achievable plane.

Clear Quartz crystals can be programmed to heal any condition and will transform your energy back to its ideal state before any illness or disease occurred. Quartz deeply cleanses and strengthens organs while also cleansing the soul, connecting the physical and spiritual bodies. Quartz holds memories of your perfect state of being and works to enhance all levels within and surrounding the body. As it stimulates the immune system and brings all into balance, Clear Quartz also:

  • Shields against radioactive energies
  • Energizes body and mind
  • Strengthens intuitive abilities
  • Assists in determining your life purpose
  • Supports concentration
  • Increases memory

*Clear Quartz crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZING, UPLIFT and SIXTH SENSE


Fluorite is a stone of clarity, and is the strongest crystal to use when you want to become more organized. Helping to cleanse, purify and stabilize the energy fields within and surrounding the body, Fluorite conquers turmoil and brings order to your life physically, emotionally and mentally, along with increasing your intuitive abilities.

An extremely protective crystal, Fluorite assists you in determining when other people’s energies are affecting you, defending you against mental dominance and psychic manipulation. It is excellent for dissipating negative behavioral patterns, and quietly connects with your subconscious mind to bring repressed thoughts and feelings so they can be resolved. Fluorite is enormously effective in guarding against electromagnetic energy from computers, and moves negative energies and stresses of all kinds away from you. Fluorite also:

  • Increases self-confidence
  • Improves physical and mental coordination
  • Counteracts mental disorders
  • Helps move beyond narrow-mindedness
  • Dissolves illusions and reveals truth
  • Helps you absorb new information
  • Promotes quick thinking
  • Supports balance and coordination
  • Rekindles sexual libido
  • Increases concentration
  • Emotionally stabilizing

* Fluorite crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZING, EMPOWER ME and BE WELL


Hematite is an excellent stone for grounding, drawing discordant energies down through the root chakra and into the Earth. Hematite dispels negative energy and protects against it moving into your energetic fields. A strong crystal, Hematite helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, assisting you as you navigate through difficult situations, including legal issues and destructive habits. Hematite also:
  • Brings peace and harmony
  • Promotes clear thinking and common sense
  • Strengthens self-control and willpower
  • Helps conquer addiction and compulsive behaviors
  • Assists in solving problems
  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Strengthens the body’s blood supply
  • Calms anxiety
  • Alters negative thinking
  • Enhances memory, focus and concentration
  • Aids in calculation and technical work
  • Promotes awareness of what is truly needed to survive and thrive
  • Helps manifest dreams into reality

*Hematite crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ROOTED


Jasper is unmatched as a nurturing crystal, helping you withstand stressors and ground your energy while providing peace, calmness and wellbeing. It soaks up negative energies as it cleans and clears all of your energy centers and fields, merging all areas of your life as it heals any distress. Jasper helps you think fast and to be organized and determined to see all projects through to completion. It connects you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Jasper also:
  • Assists in recalling dreams
  • Protects your energy
  • Balances Yin and Yang
  • Supports self-reflection and honesty
  • Protects against and clears electromagnetic, radiation and environmental contamination
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Converts thoughts into deeds
  • Helps re-energize your body

*Jasper crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZING, ROOTED, UPLIFT, EMPOWER ME and BE WELL


Kyanite is a healing, tranquilizing crystal that does not hold negativity and never needs cleaning. It is a natural pain reliever and extremely beneficial for easing headaches and migraines. Kyanite is a vigorous conductor of high energetic frequencies, helping you attune to spiritual vibrations and connect with your spirit guides. It is an exceptionally strong crystal to use in meditation to help open you to spiritual truth.

Kyanite clears the pathways and eases the journey for those transitioning from this life. It assists the process by bringing the luminous body down into the physical field, and connecting the higher self to the highest energetic frequencies. Kyanite also:

  • Increases intuition
  • Helps balance Yin Yang energy
  • Encourages compassion
  • Stimulates dreaming and helps with remembering dreams
  • Restores alignment of chakras
  • Releases fears of speaking your truth
  • Encourages creativity
  • Releases anger and stress
  • Stimulates clear and logical thinking


*Kyanite crystals are found in Crystal Tonics ZEN BLISS, PURIFY and SIXTH SENSE


Labradorite is a powerful stone for use in raising your vibration and consciousness. While protecting you from undesirable energies attempting to enter your energy fields, Labradorite also keeps higher, invited spiritual energies intact within your aura. An extremely spiritual and magical stone, Labradorite brings awareness and understanding to the significance of messages that have been held deep within your unconscious mind, unlocking mysteries and connecting you with the highest spiritual energies.

A stone of transformation, Labradorite helps you endure and stay strong in the face of change. It supports reflection and self-analysis, raising your consciousness and enhancing your faith, trust and knowledge of yourself and the universe. Highly effective at aligning the physical and spiritual bodies, Labradorite also:
  • Increases intuition
  • Helps you move through space and time
  • Aids in determining your life’s purpose
  • Removes anxiety, insecurity and fear
  • Heals old emotional wounds, including past life events
  • Expels and protects against negative energy from others
  • Balances intuitive knowledge with intellectual reasoning
  • Helps you recognize deception and delusions

*Labradorite crystals are found in Crystal Tonics SIXTH SENSE


Larimar is a beautiful stone that carries a wide variety of intense spiritual and psychological benefits while imparting a loving and peaceful aura and a sense of tranquility. It allows one to reach a deeper state of meditation and communicate with angelic realms. It is a stone of the heart, making this a wonderful talisman for those seeking love. Vibrationally, Larimar works to raise your level of consciousness and take you to new levels and dimensions. Larimar also:
  • Eliminates a belief of “poor me” and other self-sabotaging thoughts and actions, and encourages feeling in control of one’s life
  • Opens the way for healing past trauma relating to relationships and the heart
  • Relieves feelings of fear and guilt
  • Gives feelings of peace, calm, and balance
  • Gives mental clarity
  • Is great for creativity and inspiration
  • Is especially wonderful for women, enabling them to reconnect with feminine energies and that of the earth
  • Empowers on a variety of levels, including spiritually, psychologically, and creatively
  • Allows you to see past blockages and boundaries that have constrained you, giving you the ability to break through and move into new possibilities
  • Facilitates self-healing and lets you find the true root of disease, and clears your meridians
  • Works to keep you moving with flow, both creatively and through times of stress
  • Balances emotional extremes and helps to heal heart-trauma
  • Gets you in touch with your inner child and playfulness
  • Facilitates a connection to the Earth’s energy

*Larimar crystals are found in Crystal Tonics MOM-EASE


Moonstone is the perfect stone for anything having to do with being a woman, from menstrual concerns to pregnancy and post-partum to menopause. It is also a stone of intuition and of new beginnings, bringing the unconscious to the surface and facilitating lucid dreaming, psychic ability/clairvoyance, and empathy. Moonstone can also:

  • Act as a deeply emotional healer and balancer, calming overreactions to stress and difficult situations and increasing emotional intelligence
  • Allow for openness to spontaneity, flow through the natural cycles of change, and synchronicity
  • Ease symptoms of menstruation
  • Increase fertility
  • Help milk production and breastfeeding
  • Relieve discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth
  • Aid with the digestive system, including digestive disorders that are emotionally- or stress-induced
  • Work with the hormonal system, especially with the pineal gland, to create balance and harmony with the body’s natural biorhythm
  • Help to eliminate toxins and retained fluid from the body and allows nutrients to be more easily absorbed
  • Balance the male energy with the female, allowing the user to get in touch with their feminine/masculine side and balance extreme male or female energies
  • Calm and heal; useful when dealing with shock or hyperactive children
  • Work to relieve degenerative conditions associated with the eyes, hair, skin, and some organs including the heart

*Moonstone crystals are found in Crystal Tonics PREGNANCE-EASE and MOM-EASE


Petrified Wood is an exceptionally grounding and protecting stone, helping to calming fears and encourage feelings of well-being, safety and security. Petrified Wood assists in helping you determine what is important and what is not, and eases nerves so you don’t waste time and energy worrying about insignificant things. Petrified Wood is also an excellent stone of abundance, helping business owners do extremely well in their business.
To stay connected with the energies of the Earth, especially if you live or work in a city environment, carry Petrified Wood with you to draw the vibration of Mother Earth toward you. This stone will help keep everything in perspective, encouraging you to invite simplicity into your life and stay in alignment with nature. Other attributes of Petrified Wood are:
  • Great help for those who feel immobilized or stuck
  • Effective at removing obstacles form your path
  • Helps with transformation, creating balance and providing the stable foundation needed to forge ahead on your current path, or to confidently choose another direction
  • Quiets the mind for meditation
  • Helps with past life regression
  • Strengthens bones
  • Alleviates pain in the back and hips
  • Restores physical energy

*Petrified Wood is found in Crystal Tonics ABUNDANCE


Rose Quartz is a crystal of divine, unconditional love and is one of the most powerful stones for the heart. A crystal of unlimited peace, Rose Quartz instills the true spirit of love as it cleanses and opens your heart. Imparting elements of deep spiritual healing for yourself, Rose Quartz promotes great self-love. It inspires compassion and its calming and comforting characteristics make it an excellent crystal to use in any type of emergency, trauma or shock.

Rose Quartz encourages trust, kindness, sensitivity and unconditional love for your partner as it tenderly restores loving feelings while removing discordant energy. Supporting acceptance of those things you cannot change, Rose Quartz provides exceptionally strong emotional healing, as well as:

  • Opening your heart to receive love
  • Eases sorrow and grief
  • Assists in self-forgiveness
  • Encourages self-worth
  • Draws loving relationships toward you
  • Opens you to seeing beauty in everything
  • Frees pent-up feelings
  • Eases emotional pain

*Rose Quartz crystals are found in Crystal Tonics UPLIFT and HEART


Unakite is the “stone of vision” and acts as a facilitator for spiritual and psychological growth by balancing emotions and allowing inhibiting factors to be released. It uncovers the past, allowing us to let go of the things that block us and allow growth to occur. Physically, Unakite is a gentle and healing stone that lends support in healing and recovering from injury or illness, particularly when dealing with the reproductive system. Unakite can also:

  • Ground energy, especially after meditation or energy work
  • Carry a calming energy
  • Block the effects of electromagnetic pollution
  • Bring about spiritual and psychological rebirth
  • Reveal and offer insights about the past in this life and others, allowing you to work with and release the blockages that result from past issues and occurrences
  • Facilitate healing by allowing you to find the true cause of the disease
  • Aid in pregnancy and post-partum issues by facilitating a healthy reproductive system

*Unakite crystals are found in Crystal Tonics PREGNANCE-EASE