InLinks - The Cool Kid Brother of Back Links


By: | January 30, 2017

If you have ever thought about SEO, helping your website rank better or warming up to Google, you have thought about BackLinks.

Now meet InLinks, BackLinks lesser known but just as important kid brother.

InLinks appear on your website as links from one page to another page on the site and are most often seen as text links within the copy, sometimes as images links or otherwise. InLinks help the search engines understand what you think are the important pages in your website. Quite simply, the search engine adds up how many InLinks each page has pointing to it and assigns a value based on that number. The more InLinks, the more important that page must be. Remember this as you place links among pages…you can easily promote a fun but worthless page to high credibility without even trying, just by adding too many InLinks to it.

The place where you can really get some use out of InLinks is on the Home page. InLinks here are viewed as especially important indicators of value and should only be used wisely. Select the top 3-5 pages in your site and make sure that you place an InLink to them on your Home page, the higher up on the page the better. I am not talking menu links here, I am talking about text links or specific action links within or directly adjacent to copy. Adding these links in a thoughtful and strategic manner can really give a boost to your key pages.


Chris Bachman
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