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By: | January 10, 2017

Are your website pages written for websites or written for print. There is a big difference and getting it right means: 1) Better conversions( people get what they want quickly and move into the sales funnel without delay), and 2) Better ranking ( better user experience means more time on site and search engines like that)
Some of the quick tips I suggest include:

Topic Specific - Every page should have just one main theme, one primary keyword topic, answer one type of search query.

Heading - should be the main keyword for the page - you'll have 1 of these.

Sub Headings - should be keywords which support the main heading - you'll have 2-3 of these.

Paragraphs - short and to the point. The first on one the page will be read the most so make it count.

Bullet Points - these are great for adding relevant keywords, minor supporting terms...just keep  them as short as possible. If it reads like a sentence it isn't a bullet point, it's a sentence.

Links - if you have relevant articles or other pages in the site which can be easily linked to, do so. It makes the page more vibrant and encourages traffic.

Examples of nicely formatted pages:  /


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