Email Marketing - Fresh Ideas on an Old Tool


By: | February 14, 2017

Building an email list should be an integral part of almost every business marketing model. You engage with a client… get their email. Someone drops by your website… get their email. You are at a tradeshow giving out brochures… get their email. Someone calls with questions… get their email. It’s easy!
What do you do with these contacts now that you have them? Here are some ideas.

  • Share helpful tips…build your reputation as an industry expert.
  • Share seasonal tips…build your reputation as helpful.
  • Ask for feedback on a new product or service…gain valuable insights.
  • Take a survey (industry related) and share the results…inquiring minds want to know.
  • Take a poll and gather opinions…share these too.
  • Present Special Offers directly to people likely to want them.
  • Announce a special event.
  • Invite clients and prospects to an open house at your business.
  • Drive traffic to your website and raise your ranking in the search engines.
  • Distribute coupons and discount codes.
  • Generate referrals.
  • …and more

Creating and building an email marketing program can generate rewards in any number of ways. What it doesn’t need to be is complicated, expensive or overly time consuming. Talk with us about creating an affordable custom email program for your business. We love brainstorming these things!


Chris Bachman
Chris Bachman is a business consultant and Project Director at as well as a self confessed serial entrepreneur. He is a regular writer on topics pertaining to marketing, SEO, and business websites as well as an instructor and independent consultant. Learn more about Chris Bachman on Google+ or LinkedIn.

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