Clickable Phone Numbers - Not An Option


By: | April 1, 2017

With mobile accounting for upwards of 80% of local searches having your phone number be clickable is a no-brainer. Yet, as I found while researching this tip, many, many websites are overlooking this key element to success.

Setting up your phone number on your site so that it is easy to find and can make a call by simply touching it is not an option, it is basic fundamental design 101. If someone is on your site looking for what you and your competitor offer you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you, not your competitor.

Making your phone number a hot link is easy so if your web dev person hasn’t done it yet, send them a nice email and ask it be done…now.

As with any other link the process is easy. Here is what it looks like.
<a href="tel:8015551212">801.555.1212</a>


Chris Bachman
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