Video - Quick Tips for How & Where To Add It


By: | March 13, 2017

Video is great in so many ways, from getting a message across more effectively to setting the tone for your corporate culture to building time-on-site...which search engines look at closely.

By the way, "video" can include animation, slideshare, and mixed get creative!

  • Intro - This can be a welcome-to-our-company piece and placed on the home page.
  • Profile - A warm piece on the About page introducing the principals or team team.
  • Instructions - If the visitor needs to do something, show them how.
  • Features & Benefits - Give a tour of the benefits they'll receive working with you.
  • How To - Show them how to do something or use the widget you want to sell them.
  • Testimonials - Oh yeah! People love visual testimonials more than written ones. 
  • Invitation - Extend a visual invitation to the site visitor to; take the next step, make the call, fill in the form, purchase the product, sign up for a free trial, etc.


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