Chris Bachman - A Brief Bio


Business Background

Chris Bachman is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. Having started at age eight selling handmade jewelry door to door and then graduating to ever more adventurous endeavors, he has been the principal behind almost 30 startups. Ranging from marketing agencies to incentive travel to promoting concerts and festivals and most recently an expansive internet company, Chris loves the excitement of a new challenge.  

He currently is Founder and Project Director for ProClass Web Design as well as Executive Director of EarthWell, an organization dedicated to furthering the ideals of sustainable and healthy living.


Flexibility and sense of adventure have provided Chris experience in many areas of business including sales, marketing, resort development, event promotion and production, and as any successful entrepreneur can attest to, a healthy dose of lessons from the "school of hard knocks".

Current Skills include:
  • Project Manager
  • SEO Professional
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Social Media Consultant
  • SMB Marketing & PR
  • SMB Management
  • SMB Consulting
  • Product R & D
  • Product Launching
  • Event Production
  • Event Promotion
  • Business Visioneering
  • Web Development Liason
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Inventor
  • Content Manager
  • Instructor
  • SEO Expert Witness
  • Internet Sales
  • Online Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Internet Business Plans
  • Resort Marketing
  • Resort Sales
  • Reputation Management
  • Author / Columnist

An Inside Glimpse

“In business I tend to like thinking outside the box and looking for new ways things can be done... then asking not only how something can be done but how it can be done better. This oftentimes means I get to play on the cutting edge. It also means I have had to get accustomed to slipping on occasion and falling under that same cutting edge.  It is OK though; the view from the front is worth it.”

“My favorite approach to problem solving is to imagine what I would like the solution to be and then reverse engineering it in my mind until I have a picture in my head of how it needs to begin and to unfold to get to the desired result. I have found this talent is somewhat unique and I rather enjoy it and have found it to be quite valuable.”


Chris lives and works in Park City, Utah where he shares life with his wife Carina, a renowned holistic healer, and their soul mate Chloe, the world’s largest Maltese. He is a passionate supporter of issues having to do with green living and sustainability and is also Director at EarthWell. During his off time, Chris enjoys backpacking, kayaking, skiing, photography, writing and dreaming up new projects.

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