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Lighthouse Center grounds

Lighthouse Center

Beautiful, natural, peaceful, rejuvenating...just some of the ways people describe their experience of the grounds of the Lighthouse Center and the Mountain Quest Inn.
Lighthouse Center Courses

Courses & Programs

Wherever the quest you're on leads you, our courses are designed to assist you in reaching your goals so you can live the life of your dreams. If you're ready - we're here to help.
The Lighthouse Center Project

The Lighthouse Project

As a beacon of light and a transformational center for people and planet, the Lighthouse Project invites other like-minded people to join as we embrace our future and grow the dream. 

Who We Are

Philip Dugas and Yvonne Cole are the co-founders of The Lighthouse Center and work in direct partnership with Mountain Quest Institute located on 450 acres of pristine West Virginian land.  The Lighthouse Center is being built on 12 acres next to Mountain Quest Inn. Plans for the facility are underway.  Included in the design are a movement studio, treatment rooms, a teaching kitchen and dining area, multiple bedrooms and baths and a lighthouse to represent the beacon of light each person has the potential of being.

What We Do

The Lighthouse Center's mission is to serve individuals in creating a more expanded experience of life by focusing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the entire person. Along with nutritional organic food, the physical must include a powerful heavy metal detoxification program along with allowing one to benefit from an EMF free zone that the facility is in.  As a Health & Wellness center, we look at the entire problem for the most effective solution.  The emotional component includes powerful healing processes and ancient meditations. The spiritual aspect supports the individual to connect to what they already have and move inward to discover the truth of who we are.




What We Believe

Our Mission Statement: 
The Lighthouse Center’s mission is to inspire people to live a life they love through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual transformation.

Core Values:
  • Each person has innate gifts and those gifts want full expression in the world.

  • Growth is a universal urge that is life expanding into a life we love.

  • Fun is a key ingredient to becoming more alive.

  • Unity combined with love and compassion for all beings enhances global transformation.

  • Service with our community supports the giver and receiver moving into one’s natural state of thriving.


Lighthouse Lane has been created!

This road runs up against a horse fence on an easement granted by Mountain Quest so that we can access the 11 acres on this non-profit facility. Huge step forward in moving idea of this 8,000 ft facility into form. The architectural plans are underway.

Why do we want to create this health and wellness center geared towards supporting people into being more in alignment with who they already are? Because the planet is asking us to give up the old paradigm of lack, conflict and confusion. People are already coming here with similar visions. My friend Suna from Sweden has a similar vision in that Country and is uniting with this desire for the collective to break out of its enslavement to illusion. Being healthy on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels promotes a level of consciousness that realizes the external is a reflection of the internal. We must change ourselves first before a significant change on a planet that right now is on life support. The actual 'change' is simply removing old worn out belief systems that not only don't work but have created an existential threat to the planet and its life support systems.

Come join us at Mountain Quest to see the transformation here for yourselves.