Energy Infused Products for Mind, Body and Spirit

crystal tonic uses

Crystal Tonics products can be used nearly everywhere and anywhere, on yourself and/or around your environment. Wherever you apply them, the blend of aromatherapy and crystals will energize and refresh while smelling wonderful.

However you choose to use your Crystal Tonics, you will feel the benefits immediately.  Some of the many possible uses include as a room spray, refreshing body mist or natural perfume, an air freshener for your car, or on yourself or your linens for a peaceful night’s sleep. Crystal Tonics are perfect for creating energetic shifts. Spray or roll on yourself for a mood enhancement, in your home, car, office, or anywhere you want to change the energy. And once your Crystal Tonics spray or oil is gone, you will still have the energized crystals to use in whatever way you want.

    Use them:

    • On yourself after bathing for a light fragrance and a specific energy
    • On your clothing and other fabrics to hold your intention for the day
    • Around the room to shift the energy
    • Before meditation to create the setting
    • During any ceremony or ritual, using the blend that corresponds to whatever you are desiring to manifest
    • Around your office to create the desired atmosphere
    • On your linens and/or yourself before bedtime – this is especially great for Zen Bliss for a good night’s sleep, Sixth Sense for dreamwork, or Heart for love
    • In your car as an energized air freshener – Zen Bliss will calm you in traffic, Zing will keep you energized and alert, and Rooted will keep you grounded and centered
    • On yourself for a mid-day pick-me-up – particularly Zing, Uplift, and Empower Me

Specific Suggestions Per Blend


  • Ground your energy
  • Clear your mind
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Before taking a test
  • Room deodorizer
  • Cleansing and clarifying
  • Help decision-making process
  • For energy workers, to ground client after treatment


  • Clear and calms your energy, thoughts, mind, spirit
  • Eliminate negativity
  • Opens you up to new possibilities by clearing out old habits or thought patterns
  • Out with the old, allow for the new
  • Before or after meditation to clear energy
  • Clear and refresh energy of new or old home
  • To cleanse old energy (great for energy workers)
  • Spray on newly found or purchased objects to cleanse their energy and align with yours


  • Enhances dreamwork
  • Problem-solving – see what lies under the surface
  • Increases intuition
  • Find what lies deep within you – your subconscious
  • Aids in decision-making
  • Sense what people aren’t saying
  • Increases ability to communicate
  • Helps you understand the messages your body is trying to send you


  • Helps lift feelings of depression
  • Enhances mood
  • Increases feelings of happiness and joy
  • Pulls you out of a mood funk
  • Allows for a different perspective by clearing out negative thoughts
  • Helps turn negative feelings into positive ones
  • Instills feelings of contentment or bliss


  • Has a calming effect in the classroom
  • Bedtime ritual
  • Calms anxiety during drive-time
  • Helps you decompress after work
  • Spray on your bed linens for a good night’s sleep
  • Promotes calm during times of stress
  • Helps soothe children to sleep
  • Helps kids wind down
  • Calms your mind in preparation for meditation
  • Cleanses and clears energy
  • Shifts consciousness
  • Brings about a peaceful mood
  • Spray on sachet and place in linen drawer
  • Add to bath for a relaxing soak
  • Spray around your office to create a calm and harmonious workplace


  • Attracts new business
  • Use before negotiation for a successful outcome
  • Helps creates a full and abundant-feeling life
  • Facilitates breaking down walls that prevent abundance from entering
  • Calms you to allow abundance and prosperity to enter your life
  • Apply on yourself in the morning to increase prosperity throughout the day
  • Use when performing rituals that increase abundance (including planting, gardening, and cleaning and decluttering)
  • Spray around the house, especially in the wealth center* 

*In Feng shui, this is typically the southeast corner of your home or office, but consult your specific bagua (the Feng Shui map of your home/office) to be sure.

  • Spray around your office to increase prosperity


  • Helps with the mid-afternoon slump
  • Use in the morning to get going
  • Spray as a room deodorizer / refresher
  • Helps wake you up
  • Keep one in your desk drawer for whenever you need a pick-me-up
  • Stimulates your brain and your mind
  • Open your senses
  • Clear your sinuses


  • Enhances feelings of self-love
  • Spray in the relationship corner* of your bedroom to bring love into your life

*In Feng Shui, this is typically the southwest corner of the room, but consult your home’s specific bagua (the Feng Shui map of your home) to be sure

  • Increases passion
  • Creates loving energy
  • Inspires romance and romantic feelings
  • Helps heal after heartache
  • Helps you believe that you do deserve love
  • Helps you open to loving others
  • Sets a romantic mood
  • Use to awaken libido
  • Great for wedding gifts and bridal showers/bachelorette parties


  • Spray on your kids before school or in your office for a little extra protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Aids in boosting immune system
  • Spray around house to create a healthy environment
  • Great for teachers to keep a healthy classroom
  • Helps protect retailers working with public
  • Use when you feel a cold coming on


  • Ease fears of speaking in public
  • Apply before giving a presentation
  • Use before negotiations to increase successful outcomes
  • Aids in being strong during conflict
  • Helps increase self-confidence
  • Increases courage and conquer fears
  • Allows you to feel strong and that you are in control of yourself and your situation
  • Spray on kids to increase their self-confidence and personal power
  • Empowers you to take the next step / move forward
  • Gives you strength to remove yourself from bad situations
  • Promotes courage in social situations
  • Helps ease stage fright
  • Spray around your office to increase personal effectiveness


  • Stimulates creativity
  • Encourages expansive thought / thinking outside the box
  • Allows for an energetic shift of expression
  • Helps inspire new ideas
  • Sets the stage for your highest and best creation
  • Promotes visualization
  • Aids in dissolving writer’s block


  • Calms fears and anxieties
  • Promotes overall wellbeing for you and your unborn child
  • Eases physical discomfort, including morning sickness
  • Promotes the flow of energy throughout your body
  • Helps with clear thoughts and feelings
  • Assists with balance and centeredness


  • Helps your body repair after childbirth
  • Aids in milk production
  • Promotes calmness and stability
  • Assists in keeping you focused so you can manage the new day-to-day routines
  • Helps you maintain a sense of self
  • Promotes an energetic bond with your baby